On Thursday 26th April the Hyde & Co Spirit Society will be bringing you a truly exceptional whisky, one named ‘World Whisky of the Year’ no less than four times in the last seven years, and a Scotch described as “as close to perfection as makes no difference.” Ladies and gents, Hyde & Co presents Ardbeg.

Dating back to 1815, Ardbeg have been making whisky on the small, remote Scottish Isle of Islay for over 200 years. With a history boasting the first ever female distiller in Scotland and even a whisky maturation programme in space, Ardbeg is renowned for not only its exceptional quality but it’s innovation and character, making it a very exciting Scotch indeed.

For the April instalment of our monthly Hyde & Co Spirit Society will be bringing the spirit of Islay to Bristol as we’re joined by the team from Ardbeg for a very special night of excellent Scotch and great company. For £20 you’ll enjoy a tutored tasting of the Ardbeg range, an Ardbeg cocktail on arrival and the chance to learn about a thoroughly fascinating spirit, and one of our personal favourites.

There will be a limited number of tickets, so if you’re as passionate about great Scotch as we are get your hands on your tickets today and join us for a night of great spirits.